About Us

Mission Statement

The Purpose Of Our Association is to fulfill its duties as required by USBC and:

  1. Provide services and benefits to its members.
  2. Promote bowling, maintain and increase membership.
  3. Conduct and manage an annual tournament for its members, which will determine the champions of the association.
  4. Assist local associations.
  5. Conduct this association as a non-profit organization operated exclusively:
    1. For charitable and and educational purposes.
    2. To foster regional, national and international bowling competition; either directly or by contributions to organizations recognized as exempt from federal income taxation described in the Internal Revenue Code (IRC), Section 501(C)3.
    3. To conduct and support bowling compition.
    4. To support and develop amateur bowling athletes for national competition within the meaning of IRC, Section 501(i)(2) of 1986
    5. Provide an educational program, which promotes physical fitness, mental alertness, and respectable behavior for its members through adult leadership and guidance.
    6. Maintain the ideals of amateurism; preserving membership eligibility for participation in other athletic or related programs.
    7. Encourage adult participation as instructors, coaches, and other leaders.