Indiana All Stars

2017 Indiana All Stars  # 4391

formly known as the Masters and Queens Honoring George and Vera Webb

2017 All Star Shot

Qualifier Location

Championship Lanes
1950 E 53rd Street
Anderson, IN 46013
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 Current Reservations   Updated 3/19/2017

Dates & Times

Saturdays – 6:00 pm
February 24
March 3, 10, 17, 24  
April 7, 14, 21

Finals Dates:

May 12 & 13, 2018 Hindel  Bowl 6833 Massachusetts Ave Indianapolis, IN 46226
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Application Forms

2018 Indiana All Stars Online Entry Form

2018 Indiana All Stars Mail-In Entry Form


2017 Junior Gold Championships and advancement ratio will be 1:4

  1.  Participant must be a certified USBC youth or Collegiate bowler.
  2. Entrant must bowl in ALL EVENTS (Team, Singles and Doubles) of the Indiana State USBCYA ChampionshiTournament Honoring George and Vera Webb. If not, entry fees and scores will be forfeited.
  1. This is a scratch tournament with 2 divisions (Boys) and (Girls). A total of six (6) qualifying games per qualifying event will be completed by each participant.
  2.  The total actual pin fall of the six (6) games will determine the top 16 boys and top 16 girls to compete in the round robin finals to take place May 12–13, 2018 at Hindel Lanes Indianapolis.
  3. Minimum 2017-2018 12 game average required—Girls 150 Boys 170 A Copy of current standing sheet MUST be provided at check-in for each qualifying attempt
  4. The walk-in entries will be allowed based on lane availability. Walk-in entries will be required to pay an extra $10.00 fee that will go toward the scholarship fund. Advanced entries are preferred to accurately know squad availability. A participant is deemed a walk-in if entry and money have not been received by 5pm on Saturday by tournament directors via online or inperson.
  5.  A total of three (5) attempts may be made during Indiana All Stars qualifying per participant
  6. DRESS CODE: Dress will be open to collared shirts, mock collared shirts of 3/4in, DRESS skorts/shorts or capris for LADIES ONLY (MUST BE 1 INCH BELOW YOUR HAND), or FULL LENGTH DRESS slacks. All necessary undergarments must be worn AND NOT VISIBLE AT ANYTIME. Questionable attire will be decided by the Tournament Directors. No hats, scarves, bandanas, or any electronic devices may be used during qualifying unless for medical purposes. No advertisement of Alcohol, Tobacco (of any kind), or Gambling Industries will be allowed. REMEMBER this rule will be firmly enforced and any bowler violating this rule will be removed from the competition and no refund will be issued. Bowlers MUST be in tournament attire at time of check-in for inspection.
  1. No more than four (4) and no less than one (1) bowler per lane during each squad. Parents are not permitted in the bowler’s area during practice and competition.
  2. All bowling balls must conform to USBC specifications. Equipment must have readable brand, model, and serial number. Any participant found using illegal equipment will receive zero (0) for the frame and the ball will be taken out of play.
  1. Bowlers will receive ten (10) minutes of practice before the beginning of the squad. No practice will be allowed when moving pairs during qualifying competition.
  2.  Advanced entrants MUST check in at the center no later than 30 minutes prior to the designated start time or their spot

may be released if a waiting list is being used. No refund will be given; however, the entry may be used for a future date.

  1. In the event of a tie for the 16th position in qualifying, the tie will be determined by the bowler’s high game during their

highest Qualifying session. If a tie still exists, the next highest game will be used, etc. until a decision is reached.

  1. In case of center equipment failure or delay, the tournament director will make the decision according to USBC rule 327c. If by war, fire, tornado, gas shortage, water damage, labor strikes, epidemic, etc. an Act of God, it becomes impossible to conduct or complete this tournament, as publicized.  There shall be no further liability of the Indiana All Stars tournament to entrants.
  2.  Bowlers should keep close check on pin fall and scoring. It is your responsibility to notify center staff or tournament staff of any errors in scoring so they may be corrected. DO NOT CHANGE SCORES YOU You MUST have another bowler on your pair confirm your scores are written down correctly after each game.
  3. Bowlers must initial another entrant’s scores for verification after the game is bowled and sign their own score sheet. All information must be filled out entirely, regardless of attempt number, prior to turning them into the tournament office. Once turned in ALL scores are final.
  4.  Protests must be in writing and must be filed in person by participant only within 72 hours of completion of qualifying ev
  5. No tobacco of any kind (chew, smokeless, cigarettes, etc.) or alcohol will be permitted in the Indiana All Stars qualifying area or consumed by a bowler during competition. Any bowlers found in violation of this rule will be removed from competition and scores disqualified. Parents will be prohibited from using tobacco products or alcohol in the Indiana All Stars area.
  6.  No food or beverages will be allowed in the bowlers area during competition.
  7.  Travel expenses, lodging, food and such may be paid for by sponsors for participant
  8.  Rule 400 will apply for all bowlers who qualify for the final
  9.  Participation in the state tournament will be verified for all bowlers advancing to the fin
  11. Any rule not covered in this list will be covered by the USBC 2017-2018 Rule book and/or Tournament Director, subject to review by the ISUCBCYA Board of Directors and/or the National USBC Rules Committee.
  12. Junior Gold Qualifying, Bowlers are allowed to attempt the qualifier only during the qualifying window. The fee will be an additional $50.00 and winners will advance at a 1 in 4 ratio. Optional spots may be available based on number of entrants and all additional fees must be paid in full by 12noon on Sunday after qualifying or the spot will be forfeit.. Qualifying will be for the weekend you compete Only. Refunds will be issued if no more than 4 bowlers enter.

       You MUST be a USBC Junior Gold Member to participate in the qualifier and it is your responsibility to confirm you are a        current member as this requires addition membership fees thru USBC nationals. Memberships may be purchased at the tournament office or online at prior to starting the first game of competition.


SPECIAL NOTICE: Anyone displaying unsportsmanlike conduct (cursing, deliberate fouling, obscene or derogatory gestures, kicking or hitting ball returns or walls, etc.) may result in disqualifications. ANY BOWLERS CAUSING A DISTURBANCE as determined by either a complaint from other bowlers or as deemed disruptive by a tournament director may lead in DISQUALIFICATION. This rule also includes parents or spectators and those issues will be addressed by having the person (s) removed from the center.