Recent News and Updates

I am coming along very nicely with the verification process and things should be done in the next 2 weeks and I will begin posting the events official and scholarships will start being posted to SMART.

Please keep checking for later updates.

Shari Fye

Association Manager

May 20th, 2017

Photography Notice

It has been brought to my attention by our photographer that some photos have been copied and passed out to parents that were not purchased by the parents.

Please note that when you purchase a photo it is expressed that you are purchasing for yourself and it is your property, but the image is the possession of John-Got-U Photography. It is not meant to be copied and provided to others without the express consent of John-Got-U Photography. This is not only wrong, but it is a copyright violation.

I am asking that EVERYONE please refrain from this kind of action from this point forward.

Bowlers if you wish to post them on your social media pages, which many of you do please make sure that the John-Got-U logo is included on the photo.

I hope those of you that are at fault will please refrain from doing this anymore and that everyone will purchase these photos at the tournament.

We thank them for their continued support of this association with the additional donations from the photo sales.

Thanks for your understanding,

Tim Fye

ISUSBCYA President

May 20th, 2017

Pepsi Scholarship Update

Just a quick update.

Pepsi scholarships have been uploaded to SMART. Pepsi Funds have been deposited and our funds are on the way to SMART at this time.

As soon as they are received and posted to our account, your scholarships will be available. I would give it a week or so and you should have access to them.


April 30th, 2017

2017 Honor Scores

Congratulations to the bowlers below on their exceptional performance in the

2017 Youth State Championship Tournament

Kelleigh Williams 299 Game and 713 Series with her son Tyler during the Adult Youth Tournament









Jessica Fraser 717 Series Mike Aulby’s Arrowhead Bowl

Hanna Irwin 702 Series at Landmark Lanes

Keagan Trexler 732 Series Landmark Lanes

Keaton Rossi 300 Game Landmark Lanes

Briana Marquis 727 Mike Aulby’s Arrowhead Bowl                                 

August 26th, 2016

2016 Scholarships Issued

ISUSBCYA Provided  $48,077 in SMART Scholarships last year

Of the Year and Bert Horner / Cathy Cooper                          $2500.00

Luise Lesser Tournament                                                           $8030.00

Honor Scores                                                                                 $  700.00

All Events                                                                                       $ 3500.00

Doubles                                                                                           $ 3150.00

Singles                                                                                             $ 1575.00

Team                                                                                                $ 5800.00

Deloris Webb Adult Youth                                                          $ 2295.00

Indiana Kentucky All-Stars                                                        $ 7175.00

Masters and Queens                                                                    $ 6200.00


Symbolic Awards for 2016 were an additional $9000.00

May 3rd, 2016

2016 Honor Scores

Congratulations to the bowlers listed below for your amazing accomplishments in the

2016 ISUSBYCA State Championship Tournament.


NIck Graveel 806 4_23

Nick Graveel  Chippewa Bowl South Bend

 806 Series

Charlie Colip

Charlie Colip – Championship Lanes – Anderson
300 Game – 646 Series

Dustin Kuhn

Destin Kuhn – Auburn Bowl – Auburn
300 Game 679 Series

Erny Alec 299 MQ

Alex Erny- Eastown Rec – Jasper
299 Game (Sport) Masters and Queens

Brittney Kinney – Main Bowl, Columbia City

299 Game 679 Series



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