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Indiana State USBC 

Congratulations to the Newly Elected Indiana State USBC Merged Board of Directors! This new board of directors will take office August 1, 2018.

A special thanks to the Transition Team and Nominating Committee for all their hard work. They conducted an excellent organizational meeting today!

Many thanks to the all the Indiana Local Association members who attended today’s meeting and helped set forth the bylaws and new board of directors. You were awesome!

USBC Regional Managers George Lambert and Ben Brose provided amazing support today and their (USBC’s) electronic voting devices were a tremendous help! Thanks for all you do for the state of Indiana.

New Board of Directors:

President: Kerry Caine
1st Vice President: AJ Hacker
2nd Vice President: Bill Kendall Sr
3rd Vice President: Lynda Isaacs
District 1 Director: Charlie Wilkey
District 2 Director: Jerry Grochowski
District 3 Director: Christopher Adams
District 4 Director: Bill Kendall Jr
District 5 Director: Open
District 6 Director: Delores (Dee) Johnson
District 7 Director: Dale Bennington
District 8 Director: Robert Daubenspeck
District 9 Director: Michael McPherson
Youth Director: Mikayla Schram
Youth Director: Brandon Rehmert
Youth Director: Tiffany Friars
Youth Director: Zachary Ferree





















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